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Investment banking
Easily Get High Salary Corporate Investment Banker Job - Guaranteed
Craig Holder
J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Morgan StanleyCITI, Credit Suisse, UBZ, Deutsche Bank, Barclays Capital, Bank of America Merril Lynch
Getting onto Wall Street Requires Preparation
Investment banking jobs are highly sought after, both on Wall Street and around the US. They promise huge salaries and bonuses and are the key stepping stone to anywhere you want to go in your career.

Actually landing a job at Goldman Sacks, CITI Bank or one of the other main companies can be much harder than you might think because Wall Street guards its secrets like the Federal Reserve guards its gold. 
Getting an Investment Banking job is about acquiring the skills to GET the job not about acquiring the skills to DO the job. What most Wall Streeters will never tell you is that everything you’ve learned so far is practically useless when it comes to securing a position.
Technical knowledge and a high GPA isn’t enough to land you an interview. Great connections and a highly coveted internship won’t get you the job you want if you don't present yourself in exactly the correct way. 
The only way to crack the code is to learn from those who have walked your path before. 

The best way to learn anything is to simply follow in the footsteps of those who have done it successfully - hiring managers, analysts and investment banking veterans who have successfully navigated this process and have gone on to lucrative careers across Wall Street.

Once you have this knowledge, what seemed like a gauntlet will be a walk in the park. Where others are confused and intimidated, you’ll be calm, cool and collected. 

When others are working in the back office at a community bank, you’ll be climbing the ladder at an investment bank. 

But first, a word of warning...
"Less Than 2% of Applicants Get an Investment Banking Job"

Less than 1 in 50 applicants for investment banking jobs will be successful. The other 98% will wash out and never be heard from again.
Think it can’t be you? Think again. Wall Street has access to thousands of rocket scientists, technical geniuses and finance “rock stars” - all just like you and most never get in. 

You could end up out in the cold, wandering the finance wilderness, working in a back office selling home loans at a community bank or crunching numbers as an accountant. Maybe even living with your parents. 

That is unless you are properly prepared for the whole hiring process
Top Investment Banking Jobs
While there may be 100s of job titles within investment banking, most will fall into one of the following:

Junior Analysts help their clients develop and maintain effective investments that will meet their goals. They will eventually participate in most aspects of investment banking, including the planning, structuring, and execution of large financial transactions. 

Senior Analysts do a similar job to Junior Analysts but will typically oversee transactions from the beginning to end and work with more high profile clients. 

Analysts can expect to earn between $52k and $211k including all bonuses increasing as their experience dictates. 

While it is possible to be promoted from Junior to Senior Analyst within the same firm it is often financially better to be head hunted or apply to join another company.

Associates initiate large financial transactions such as stock market transactions - including initial public offerings (IPOs), follow-on offerings, private placements and mergers & acquisitions. 

Senior Associates presides over a team of associates who handle client portfolios and advise clients on their investments. They must be well-aware of all forms of investment risks so they can properly inform clients on potential gains and losses, as well as the likelihood of either. The senior associate tends to handle the highest-profile clients, which are those with the most to gain or lose. 

Analysts can expect to earn between $44k and $397k including all bonuses increasing as their experience dictates. 

While it is possible to be promoted from Junior to Senior Associate within the same firm it is often financially better to be head hunted or apply to join another company.

Vice Presidents manage a team and oversee the process of putting the client presentations together. Being a VP requires more “ownership” in the team and well-established client relationships.

Vice Presidents can expect to earn between $96k and $697k including all bonuses increasing as their experience dictates.

Senior Managers
(also referred to as directors and managing directors) main responsibility is bringing in new business. Managing directors are at the top of the investment banking pile. They meet the clients, bring in the revenues and build the business for the bank. They're out there, finding out what's going on with their clients in their industry. 

A Senior Manager doing well at a large firm should earn at least $1 million per year.

If you are in investment banking and not making the top salary then perhaps its time to change firms!
Are all the Jobs in Wall Street/NYC?
Whilst most of the financial news seems to be focused on Wall Street and New York City in general, there are opportunities elsewhere in the US to get into investment banking.

The top locations after New York City are:
Santa Clara
San Francisco
Newport Beach
Not all positions will be available in all locations however living outside of Manhattan shouldn't prevent you from building a lucrative career. You should note that total compensation is up to 50% lower in regional offices.
How to Guaranteed Getting Hired as an Investment Banker
If you want to be in the top 2% of applicants that get accepted or better still, the top 1% who are making really good incomes then I recommend using the service of "The Write Resume."

Unlike any other careers service, The Write Resume team purely focuses on getting its clients jobs in Investment Banking, in any company or division. They have the expertise, the team and the proven track record to land you a job offer. 

And they even guarantee success!

You can have access to a 10 year Wall Street Veteran who has helped launch the careers of clients at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, CITI, UBS and more. You will also have direct access to a former Investment Banking recruiter and current employees at your target companies. 

These professionals are part of The Write Resume's extensive Investment Banking network.

The Insider Way To Success
A little known secret outside Investment Banking is just how much it can help to know someone inside the company that you are applying for. 

For select candidates serious about getting their first job or progressing up the career ladder in finance, The Write Resume offers special introductions to these insiders at your target firm and in your target Investment Banking division. 

This person on the “inside” will be familiar with the hiring process and key decision-makers and can be your gateway to securing an interview. 

They can also introduce you to hiring managers and recommend you as well as being your ally through the entire process up to getting an offer.
Their insiders are all personally vetted and are generally at the VP level or higher so you can be sure of getting the best possible “from the horse’s mouth” guidance and exposure. This is immeasurably better then getting information from websites such as Glassdoor or Reddit. 
When you set up an appointment with an insider, you can ask them about culture, fit, hiring procedures, tips, and more. You’ll put yourself in the top 10% of applicants as 90% of them have no insider who they can reach out to.

And when you use this alongside the other services that The Write Resume provides, you are sure to get into the top 1%.
Your Online Brand Can Prevent You From Even Getting An Interview
Taking control of your digital self is critical to landing an Investment Banking job. Without fail, nearly all recruiters “Google you” to find out if there are any skeletons or unwanted surprises about you on the internet. 

Recruiters know that they have to hire the best - if you have an online profile that is less than stellar and is a cause for concern, you will be added to the rejection pile, passed over for a candidate who poses less of a risk.
To prevent such a scenario from happening, The Write Resume Team can view your profile from the perspective of the recruiter, identify red flags and tell you what to do to alleviate them, guiding you on how you can build your brand online using blogs, Facebook, Twitter and of course, optimizing your LinkedIn Profile so that you can stand out.
Get the Right Package
The Write Resume offer 4 different packages from Asset right up to Risk Management. While Asset and Leverage have their place, I highly recommend the Security and Risk Management Packages as they include the insider introduction and resume distribution to top head hunters which on its own will magnify your chances of success.
One of the biggest fears most people have when applying for a position in Investment Banking is the intimidation of the application process. 

Unlike any other profession, the successful applicant has to go through many obstacles before they can call themselves a banker.
 All candidates will need to:
  • ​Be selected for an interview against hundreds of candidates
  • ​Impress HR recruiters to earn first round interviews
  • ​Perform well socially at cocktail hours and dinner events
  • ​Handle quantitative, fit, stress, and case-based interviews
  • ​Succeed on “Superdays” with several firms (top candidates should expect interviews at multiple banks)
All this and more before you even have a chance of getting that first offer letter! 

To make it even more challenging, your fiercest competition will have all of the relevant experiences, academic pedigree and connections that you may not have that will help get them over the top.
So if you want to get into or progress your career in Investment Banking then you need to know how to do it right.

Want to learn right away? 

You’ll be pleased to know that The Write Resume include Career Coaching for free as part of their best selling packages.
Start You Journey To Success Now
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